Drinking Water for Eco Friendly Resorts

Our atmospheric water generators are the perfect solution for eco-friendly resorts seeking a sustainable water harvesting system that provides the best tasting – and highest quality – drinking water for your guests and on-site team.

Eliminate the use of single use plastic bottles and fossil fuel powered bulk water transport services and start producing your own filtered and purified water on-site.

Offering the flexibility to run your system from solar or traditional 240V, our patented Water from Air Machines can be configured to suits your specific resort needs.

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Eco Friendly Resorts

Consistency in water quality

Use for off-grid or powered

Low environmental impact

No single use plastic bottles


Drinking Water for Guests and Staff

Ramp up the promotion of your eco-friendly credentials with our solar compatible, enviro-friendly water harvesting system.

Your guests and staff are guaranteed to enjoy great tasting, healthy water that’s undergone multiple rounds of filtration and purification. Healthy on the environment, healthy on your bottom line.

6 Reasons You’ll Love the Water from Air Machine


1. Solar Driven (optional)

Our atmospheric water generators can be plugged into mains power or run off solar to ensure you have access to the highest quality drinking water, no matter where you are.

2. Plug and Play

Our machines come as a standalone unit that don’t require any installation. You don’t need to drill through countertops or attach to existing water faucets like traditional filters.

3. No Wasted Water

Unlike Reverse Osmosis filters that can produce wastewater (up to 50% of the water that passes through them), there is no wastage when harvesting water from the air with our machines.

4. Sleep Mode

In low humidity or temperatures, the Water from Air Machines have an in-built sleep mode to stop the production of water from air, saving on electricity. Stored water can still be dispensed.

5. Highest Quality Parts

We only use parts and equipment from the best of the best manufacturers – including our compressors, pumps and filters for reliability, longevity and your peace of mind.

6. Connects to Grid Water

If humidity drops, the Water from Air Machine auto connects to grid water (if available). Water still goes through the same multi-step purification process, including 5 filters and 3 UV lights.


Recommended Machines

For eco-friendly resorts we tend to recommend our larger Water from Air machines including 30L and 60L models. Depending on your location, configuration and size of resort, our team can recommend a multi-system set up that provides the best solution for your individual resort needs.

The Technology


Thanks to its patented design incorporating multiple filtrations and purification stages, plus an in-built stainless storage container, Food grade surfaces, allowing our Water from Air Machines to produce the highest quality drinking water with less than 50 parts per million, (PPM), far in excess or water standards worldwide.


From single domestic machines to multiple machines that service commercial operations such as offices, resorts, factories or remote mining sites, through to local communities; Water from Air Machines has a solution you can depend on for safe, healthy drinking water.

Ready for Great Tasting & Environmentally Friendly Drinking Water?

Create your own sustainable, clean drinking water supply for your resort that’s 100% environmentally friendly. Connect with the Water from Air team today.