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Filtered Water Solutions: Norfolk Island

The small island of Norfolk Island is facing a major crisis— they are running out of drinking water. With extended dry periods and no access to freshwater, the Australian territory needs immediate solutions to provide fresh, filtered water for their citizens. In this article, we discuss Norfolk Islands’ current state of affairs and provide insight…

Water Benefit

Water Benefit: Drink Water, Live Longer

A recent study conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has revealed important insights into the benefits of proper hydration. The findings suggest that people who don’t drink enough fluids may be at greater risk of developing chronic diseases and could have an increased chance of premature death. This ground-breaking discovery emphasises the importance…

Reverse Osmosis water filter

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Not all water filters are created equal, in this blog we explore how various reverse osmosis (RO) water filters work and compare them to an atmospheric water generator so you can make an informed decision. What is a Reverse Osmosis water filter? A reverse osmosis water filter is a very finely packed filtration device that…


Drought Disasters

Country-By-Country Overview Ethiopia: An estimated 8 million of Ethiopia’s 60 million people are at immediate risk due to drought. UNICEF estimates that 1.4 million of those at risk are children under five. Eritrea: Successive years of drought, combined with the border war with Ethiopia, has created major food shortages. Nearly 1.3 million people are at risk, including…