How do the Water from Air Machines work?

Water from Air Machines are best described as an atmospheric water generator. They tend to work best in conditions where the humidity is high, and temperature is warm.

Our machines “harvest” water from air through a series of steps that includes two air filter systems, then onto a condenser to change the moisture into droplets and collect it,  then the droplets undergo multiple filtration (7)  and UV (3) purification stages before you can disperse the water for drinking.

If the machine is full, how does it keep water fresh?

If you leave the machine unused for several days, the machine recirculates the stored water past the UV lights each day for 7 minutes to keep the stored water fresh and bacteria-free. During this time, the machine would burn only 3 watts of power performing this function.


Where can the Water from Air Machines be used?

Our Water from Air Machines have numerous residential and commercial applications. Here are just a few of the most popular applications:


How much water does a Water from Air Machine produce?

This depends on the size of the machine you choose, along with local conditions such as humidity levels and temperature. Machines vary from 15L, 30L, 60L to 100 Litres per day for general drinking water.

Can these machines be connected to town water or water supply?

Yes, we have deliberately designed the Water from Air Machines to be able to connect to town water. The water supply then undergoes the same extensive filtration and purification process as water that is harvested from the atmosphere.

Can the machine operate inside?

Yes, but a reduction in manufactured water capacity would result as normal AC systems generally keep the air at 52-55%RH. Keep your machine accessible to fresh air and not in a confined space or close to walls. Let it breathe.


Can the Water from Air Machine run on solar power?

Yes, we are very proud that all Water from Air Machines are solar power compatible. They truly are an environmentally friendly water supply solution.

Can the machine be connected to grid power?

Yes, our machines can be connected to traditional 240v grid power.


How much does a Water from Air Machine cost?

There are 4 different sized machines and the price varies between each model. They are priced from $1,795 for a 15 Litre to $11,000 for a 100 Litre. Check out our shop tab at the top of the page for the latest pricing.

What is the price per L for the water made?

The exact price per L will depend on your local electricity costs – or if you’re using solar power – however, as a general rule of thumb it equates to 8 cents per litre, but this also depends on the atmospheric conditions found at the site. Generally, we regard a 650ml bottle replacement as 5 cents on average, excluding the plastic bottle.


How often does the machine need to be serviced?

We pride ourselves after 15 years in development and manufacture on the reliability of our designs. Now some 7,000 units in the field. These are essentially a plug and play machine. The normal steps of keeping it clean are applicable. When filters or UV lights need replacing an icon warning light will appear on the screen. This means it’s time to replace the Filters or UV light however don’t panic. This is a guide only and based on the use of 10 Litres a day being extracted from the machine.

How often do the filters need to be replaced?

There are several filters and an RO in all machines. The air filter can be cleaned with water or air. The primary filters based on using 10 litres a day are replaced each 4-6 months. The RO filter is replaced every 2 years. RO means Reverse Osmosis

When should I turn the machine off?

If you are going on holiday for a few weeks or longer, it is recommended to drain the machine of water from the rear-mounted drain plug and empty the small collection tank also accessible at the rear. Upon return, simply turn your machine on again.