Off Grid Solar Packs

Off Grid Solar Pack;  After months of research we have now available a reasonably priced Solar option to run the AWG’s. This is a stand alone system without myriads of Panels and batteries etc .and allows you to install our Domestic models of Air Water Machines  and operate them 24/7 on Solar power alone with a grid backup. This elusive optional Solar off Grid Solar Pack is available only for our WES MODELS 15,30 and 60 liters a day versions. A first World wide and perfect for Australia and remote communities.

The power to run the commercial Machines in Australia has always been an issue with the escalating price of electrical power. While we have, in design, always considered this on these larger commercial units, we hope now to eventually offer a solar option for the larger range, while we test systems.

This Solar option can also be connected as back up, to your Grid Power and in the circumstance of poor Solar retention the machine will automatically turn onto Grid power and return to Solar when Solar collection is available. I.e extended over cast conditions

For pricing please refer to your local dealer or on the Models page of this web site.

Our complete solar powered machines can be shipped on one or two pallets and  set up anywhere for solar operation.

Shown is the WES 30L/day machine with Panels set up.

Off Grid Solar Packs as of 26/02/2020

WES 15L, WES 30L and WES 60L

These special custom designed Solar packs are for operation of the above 3 Model WES Air Water Generators only. Our unique Control box has our AWG operating at peak efficiency due to the first class components developed and installed over the years.

Included in the kit are:

• the required panels (2-4) for the varying sizes Air Water Generators

• the roof mount rails for the panels Panel plugs and connectors

• roof mounting rails and connectors for panels.

• the Made-to-order control box to suit our AWG controls and circuit board

• the required unique and specific Battery bank to suit the AWG chosen

• additional wiring and connectors.


• All you need after the Off Grid Solar Pack is installed is to plug in your WES AWG.

• In the event of overcast days, the Control box will automatically switch to household power and switch back when solar starts to generate again.

• Your WES Air Water Machine that automatically turns into sleep mode when full or when RH is low will operate as normal.

• One standard Pallet required for shipping and can include your Water Maker Machine

• There is a 12 month warranty on the Off Grid Solar Pack components.

• If no DIY ability, any local solar installer can install this system.

Costs including panels Plus GST GST

• WES 15Land 30L  Off Grid Solar Pack. (15L&30L) …$3,688…..12V and  12hrs run time

• WES 15L and 30 L Off Grid Solar Pack.(15L&30L)….$4,600…..24V and 26hrs run time

• WES 60 L Off Grid Solar Pack.(60L)……………………..$5,800…24V…..7hrs run time.

. WES 60 L Off Grid Solar pack (60L)…………………………$7368……48V……11hrs run time.

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