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Atmospheric Water Generator

Our Water from Air Machines are a patented water harvesting system that can be used in a wide range of applications from homes and small residences (think tiny homes and caravans) through to commercial office premise, remote communities and eco-friendly resorts.

Our atmospheric water generators are available in four (4) off-the-shelf models plus larger, custom spec machines are available on request.

For the best tasting, highest quality drinking water that surpasses Australian Standards – there simply is no alternative.



Remote Communities

Remote Communities

From mine sites to police and ambulance stations in remote locations and indigenous communities, our water from air systems provides a reliable, high quality drinking water source where infrastructure is not available or too costly.
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Health Conscious

Health Conscious

Our atmospheric water generators are perfect for Australians seeking a domestic filtration system that produces slightly alkaline water with a pH of 7.6-7.8. Perfect for new mums through to the health conscious.
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Tiny Houses and Caravans

Tiny Houses and Caravans

When space is a premium; you want consistent, great tasting water that can be run off 240 power OR solar; and you don’t want to sacrifice your dream lifestyle, find out why you should invest in a Water from Air Machine here.
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Eco Friendly Resorts

Eco Friendly Resorts

Boost your resort’s eco-friendly credentials with an water harvesting system that not only quenches the thirst of your guests – but makes them feel good given its low environmental footprint.
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6 Reasons You’ll Love the Water from Air Machine


1. Solar Driven (optional)

Our atmospheric water generators can be plugged into mains power or run off solar to ensure you have access to the highest quality drinking water, no matter where you are.

2. Plug and Play

Our machines come as a standalone unit that don’t require any installation. You don’t need to drill through countertops or attach to existing water faucets like traditional filters.

3. No Wasted Water

Unlike Reverse Osmosis filters that can produce wastewater (up to 50% of the water that passes through them), there is no wastage when harvesting water from the air with our machines.

4. Sleep Mode

In low humidity or temperatures, the Water from Air Machines have an in-built sleep mode to stop the production of water from air, saving on electricity. Stored water can still be dispensed.

5. Highest Quality Parts

We only use parts and equipment from the best of the best manufacturers – including our compressors, pumps and filters for reliability, longevity and your peace of mind.

6. Connects to Grid Water

If humidity drops, the Water from Air Machine auto connects to grid water (if available). Water still goes through the same multi-step purification process, including 5 filters and 3 UV lights.


Cost Effective

Investing in a water from air machine is a cost effective, environmentally friendly alternative to jug filters, single use plastics and fossil fuel powered bulk water delivery services.

Pure Water

The multi-step filtration & UV process means the water created by our Water from Air Machine has less than 50 parts per million (PPM). Elements and minerals are added to the water for slight Alkaline.

Better Alternative

Forget drinking salty or unpalatable water filled with contaminants. The quality of water produced by Water from Air Machines offers a superior, great tasting & healthier alternative to tank, bore or bottled water.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Bottles

Water from Air Machines are better for the environment as they eliminate the need for single use plastic bottles or traditional ‘water cooler’ bulk water delivery services.

The Technology


  • Circulation of Water
  • UV Lights
  • Connection to Grid
  • Remineralises Water


UV Light is one of the most powerful cleaning and purification methods. In our Water from Air Machines, UV Lights is just one of several filtration and purification stages that the water harvested from the atmosphere. The water passes through three UV light to ensure you’re getting the highest quality drinking water.

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